Yes, Viking is the the only river cruise line you know on the rivers because they are the only one advertising. Yes, they have more boats on the river than any other cruise company. Yes, they offer two-for-one rates in their printed brochure, making their price near the price it should have been initially.  Yes, they are about the cheapest on the rivers; for a reason.


Viking is the 'Holiday Inn' chain of river cruising!

You deserve cruise lines that don't use price trickery, that are priced fairly from the time they print their brochure.  Why book with a company who demands full payment a year and half in advance of departure; even nine or six months in advance so you pay for their 'new builds' and chain of boats?  

I assure you, better quality upscale cruise lines offer far more value. Higher quality and reputable cruises requesting a small refundable deposit within a week after reservation and final payment three months prior to departure; pretty simple.  These boutique cruise lines (see below) offer higher quality cuisine, experiential unique touring, personally selected accomplished guides and service with beautifully plush cabins offering the experience implied by Viking's advertising. These cruise companies don't advertise, they don't need to! 


European River Cruise Rating

******   Sea Cloud River Cruise
Tauck River Cruises (All Inclusive w/ Gratuities)
Luftner (Amadeus)
*****   Uniworld River Cruise (All Inclusive w/ Gratuities)
****   AMA Waterways
Scenic Tours
***   Avalon Waterways
Gota Canal
**   Emerald Waterways
Viking Cruises
Imperial River Cruises
A Rosa River Cruises (All Inclusive w/ Gratuities)
Rating is the sole opinion of Denver Travel's staff.

If you believe you deserve more than a Holiday Inn, give us a call and see the difference an expert can make.

View other river cruise lines link from the list above before settling for Viking. You can do better.

The above critique is solely the opinion of Denver Travel.

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