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International Expeditions arranges trips for zoos, museums and conservation organizations. Since 1991 they established a foundation to counteract misuse and exploitation of rainforest habitats and to help provide funding for the Amazon Center for Environmental Education and Research (ACEER), a facility located in a protected Amazon wilderness area. Denver Travel is proud to represent International Expeditions.


International Expeditions charters small ships for part of their cruise and land tours in the Greek Isles, Indonesia with the Komodo Island National Park , as well as, the Galapagos and Amazon.

WAOW (Chartered)


Ship Information

Cabins: 9

WAOW, a traditionally crafted, three-masted wooden vessel. Each of the generous cabins features private bath, individual climate control and desk and entertainment system. An Indonesian chef will delight you with both local specialties and a robust international menu. When not exploring, you may take advantage of the ship's ample deck space, dedicated camera room with charring stations, or even spoil yourself with a massage.

Bali to Komodo

Few places evoke the same lush, exotic imagery as the islands of Nussa Tenggara from Bali to Komodo — small pearls in the immense Indonesian archipelago that lies scattered like a broken necklace across one-seventh of the Earth's surface.

The beauty of the islands is legendary, their biodiversity astounding, and the rich tapestry of their cultures helps make IE's new Bali tours unforgettable. Step ashore and experience the thrill of seeing huge Komodo dragons, surprisingly fast and agile carnivorous lizards. Put on a snorkel and discover the colorful world below the waves, an undersea fantasy equal to anything in the world. On your Bali tour, experience the daily life of villagers and the wonderfully complex and intricate temples that form the backbone of Balinese Hinduism.

Explore the Sea

There are many ways to enjoy the exotic isles of Indonesia, but it is hard to imagine a more traditional or exciting mode of travel than in comfort as a passenger aboard our extraordinary Indonesian cruise — cutting through tropical waters speckled with coral reefs and palm-clad islands. Enjoy a four-night cruise aboard the nine-cabin WAOW, a three-masted wooden vessel.

Indonesia's warm tropical seas support some of the world's greatest marine biodiversity. Thousands of coral reefs are found all over the archipelago and boast over 3,000 species of fish and over 750 species of corals. Spinner dolphin, dugong, leatherback turtle, yellowfin tuna, black marlin, whale shark, manta ray, yard-long giant clam, moray eel, banded sea snake and millions of brilliant reef fish are only a few of the inhabitants of Indonesia's incredibly rich coral reefs.

Fares: $8295 to $9598 per person

ExplorerGalapagos (Chartered by Quasar Expedition)



  • Fares: $5280 to $6998 for seven nights with naturalist and touring.


La Estrella Amazonica(IE owned)

  • Passengers: 31
  • Ship's Registry: Peru
  • Length: 139 ft.
  • Width: 30 ft.
  • Solo Cabin: 175 sq. ft.
  • Double Cabin: 217 sq. ft.
  • Suite/Triple Cabin: 261 sq. ft.
  • Dining Room: 1,000 sq. ft.
  • Lecture Room: 765 sq. ft.
  • Fitness Room: 162 sq. ft.

Cabins: Generous air-conditioned cabins are approx. 220 sq. ft. and furnished with either one king-size bed or two beds, two nightstands and a desk. Plus, cabins offer private bath, a closet with ample storage, hair dryer and three 220 volt outlets, as well as two convertors and a surge protector power strip with USB connections. Guest cabins feature a private balcony with two chairs to enjoy relaxing.Four cabins on each deck can easily be converted to create two adjoining suites — ideal for families

  • Dining: tables for 6 to 8 guests dining with your naturalists allowing more opportunity tp understand your current environment.

  • Facilities & Activities: open-air bar and Sun Deck. All indoor public areas are air-conditioned. Covered, open-air bar stocks cold bottled water, sodas and local beer. For excursions, board two 18-passenger excursion boats accompanied by knowledgeable local naturalists.
  • .

Fares:Seven night cruise only starting $4,498 per person, add port taxes.

Contact: or 303 504 0400 International Callers (001)

USA 888 321 0103

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