Cruise Line
Viking River Cruises
Offer valid through 9/30/2018
8 Days
Cruise Ship
Viking Vidar

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Day 1Amsterdam  
Day 2Kinderdijk  
Day 3Cologne  
Day 4Koblenz  
Day 5Heidelberg  
Day 6Strasbourg  
Day 7Breisach  
Day 8Basel  

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DateDescriptionPrice FromQuote
April 04, 2019Category AA - Sold Out Quote
April 04, 2019Category A - Sold Out Quote
April 04, 2019Category B - Sold Out Quote
April 04, 2019Category C - Sold Out Quote
April 04, 2019Category D - Sold Out Quote
April 04, 2019Category F$2,899.00* (USD)Quote
April 04, 2019Category E$2,999.00* (USD)Quote
April 04, 2019Category ES$5,799.00* (USD)Quote
April 18, 2019Category C - Sold Out Quote
April 18, 2019Category D - Sold Out Quote
April 18, 2019Category F$3,199.00* (USD)Quote
April 18, 2019Category E$3,299.00* (USD)Quote
April 18, 2019Category B$3,799.00* (USD)Quote
April 18, 2019Category A$3,999.00* (USD)Quote
April 18, 2019Category AA$5,599.00* (USD)Quote
April 18, 2019Category ES$6,799.00* (USD)Quote
May 02, 2019Category F$3,399.00* (USD)Quote
May 02, 2019Category E$3,499.00* (USD)Quote
May 02, 2019Category D$3,799.00* (USD)Quote
May 02, 2019Category C$3,999.00* (USD)Quote
May 02, 2019Category B$4,199.00* (USD)Quote
May 02, 2019Category A$4,399.00* (USD)Quote
May 02, 2019Category AA$5,999.00* (USD)Quote
May 02, 2019Category ES$8,699.00* (USD)Quote
May 16, 2019Category F$3,399.00* (USD)Quote
May 16, 2019Category E$3,499.00* (USD)Quote
May 16, 2019Category D$3,799.00* (USD)Quote
May 16, 2019Category C$3,999.00* (USD)Quote
May 16, 2019Category B$4,199.00* (USD)Quote
May 16, 2019Category A$4,399.00* (USD)Quote
May 16, 2019Category AA$5,999.00* (USD)Quote
May 16, 2019Category ES$8,699.00* (USD)Quote
May 30, 2019Category F$3,399.00* (USD)Quote
May 30, 2019Category E$3,499.00* (USD)Quote
May 30, 2019Category D$3,799.00* (USD)Quote
May 30, 2019Category C$3,999.00* (USD)Quote
May 30, 2019Category B$4,199.00* (USD)Quote
May 30, 2019Category A$4,399.00* (USD)Quote
May 30, 2019Category AA$5,999.00* (USD)Quote
May 30, 2019Category ES$8,699.00* (USD)Quote
June 13, 2019Category F$3,299.00* (USD)Quote
June 13, 2019Category E$3,399.00* (USD)Quote
June 13, 2019Category D$3,599.00* (USD)Quote
June 13, 2019Category C$3,799.00* (USD)Quote
June 13, 2019Category B$3,999.00* (USD)Quote
June 13, 2019Category A$4,199.00* (USD)Quote
June 13, 2019Category AA$5,799.00* (USD)Quote
June 13, 2019Category ES$8,499.00* (USD)Quote
June 27, 2019Category F$3,299.00* (USD)Quote
June 27, 2019Category E$3,399.00* (USD)Quote
June 27, 2019Category D$3,599.00* (USD)Quote
June 27, 2019Category C$3,799.00* (USD)Quote
June 27, 2019Category B$3,999.00* (USD)Quote
June 27, 2019Category A$4,199.00* (USD)Quote
June 27, 2019Category AA$5,799.00* (USD)Quote
June 27, 2019Category ES$8,499.00* (USD)Quote
July 11, 2019Category F$2,999.00* (USD)Quote
July 11, 2019Category E$3,099.00* (USD)Quote
July 11, 2019Category D$3,499.00* (USD)Quote
July 11, 2019Category C$3,699.00* (USD)Quote
July 11, 2019Category B$3,899.00* (USD)Quote
July 11, 2019Category A$4,099.00* (USD)Quote
July 11, 2019Category AA$5,699.00* (USD)Quote
July 11, 2019Category ES$8,399.00* (USD)Quote
July 25, 2019Category F$2,999.00* (USD)Quote
July 25, 2019Category E$3,099.00* (USD)Quote
July 25, 2019Category D$3,499.00* (USD)Quote
July 25, 2019Category C$3,699.00* (USD)Quote
July 25, 2019Category B$3,899.00* (USD)Quote
July 25, 2019Category A$4,099.00* (USD)Quote
July 25, 2019Category AA$5,699.00* (USD)Quote
July 25, 2019Category ES$8,399.00* (USD)Quote
August 08, 2019Category F$2,999.00* (USD)Quote
August 08, 2019Category E$3,099.00* (USD)Quote
August 08, 2019Category D$3,499.00* (USD)Quote
August 08, 2019Category C$3,699.00* (USD)Quote
August 08, 2019Category B$3,899.00* (USD)Quote
August 08, 2019Category A$4,099.00* (USD)Quote
August 08, 2019Category AA$5,699.00* (USD)Quote
August 08, 2019Category ES$8,399.00* (USD)Quote
August 22, 2019Category F$2,999.00* (USD)Quote
August 22, 2019Category E$3,099.00* (USD)Quote
August 22, 2019Category D$3,499.00* (USD)Quote
August 22, 2019Category C$3,699.00* (USD)Quote
August 22, 2019Category B$3,899.00* (USD)Quote
August 22, 2019Category A$4,099.00* (USD)Quote
August 22, 2019Category AA$5,699.00* (USD)Quote
August 22, 2019Category ES$8,399.00* (USD)Quote
September 05, 2019Category AA - Sold Out Quote
September 05, 2019Category F$3,299.00* (USD)Quote
September 05, 2019Category E$3,399.00* (USD)Quote
September 05, 2019Category D$3,999.00* (USD)Quote
September 05, 2019Category C$4,199.00* (USD)Quote
September 05, 2019Category B$4,399.00* (USD)Quote
September 05, 2019Category A$4,599.00* (USD)Quote
September 05, 2019Category ES$8,999.00* (USD)Quote
September 19, 2019Category F$3,299.00* (USD)Quote
September 19, 2019Category E$3,399.00* (USD)Quote
September 19, 2019Category D$3,999.00* (USD)Quote
September 19, 2019Category C$4,199.00* (USD)Quote
September 19, 2019Category B$4,399.00* (USD)Quote
September 19, 2019Category A$4,599.00* (USD)Quote
September 19, 2019Category AA$6,299.00* (USD)Quote
September 19, 2019Category ES$8,999.00* (USD)Quote
October 03, 2019Category AA - Sold Out Quote
October 03, 2019Category A - Sold Out Quote
October 03, 2019Category B - Sold Out Quote
October 03, 2019Category C - Sold Out Quote
October 03, 2019Category D - Sold Out Quote
October 03, 2019Category F$2,899.00* (USD)Quote
October 03, 2019Category E$2,999.00* (USD)Quote
October 03, 2019Category ES$7,799.00* (USD)Quote
October 17, 2019Category F$2,899.00* (USD)Quote
October 17, 2019Category E$2,999.00* (USD)Quote
October 17, 2019Category D$3,399.00* (USD)Quote
October 17, 2019Category C$3,599.00* (USD)Quote
October 17, 2019Category B$3,799.00* (USD)Quote
October 17, 2019Category A$3,999.00* (USD)Quote
October 17, 2019Category AA$5,599.00* (USD)Quote
October 17, 2019Category ES$7,799.00* (USD)Quote
October 31, 2019Category F$2,699.00* (USD)Quote
October 31, 2019Category E$2,799.00* (USD)Quote
October 31, 2019Category D$3,199.00* (USD)Quote
October 31, 2019Category C$3,399.00* (USD)Quote
October 31, 2019Category B$3,599.00* (USD)Quote
October 31, 2019Category A$3,799.00* (USD)Quote
October 31, 2019Category AA$5,399.00* (USD)Quote
October 31, 2019Category ES$6,799.00* (USD)Quote


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