Small Ship and River Cruises

Denver Travel offers the mega-sized ships but we excel in the more unique, personal small ships and river cruises. The differences between the two types of cruising experiences are HUGE:

A small ship enjoys soft adventure with extreme personalized service. A three-thousand-capacity ship supplies a glimpse of a destination and focuses on for-purchase services while pretending to be personal to you.

The small ships offer an educational and cultural experience focusing solely on the regions they cruise often with land excursions included. The mega-sized ships are bent on recouping for costly advertising and necessary bargain discounts through expensive shore excursions, spa treatments and on-board art auctions.

Small Ships Cruise Lines rely on word-of-mouth and specialist such as those here at Denver Travel to share their amazing programs. Without a Small Ship Specialists, you wouldn't know most small ships exists or which ship is right for you!

Only with a small ship do you obtain awe-inspiring and life-changing discoveries. You cruise with naturalist, authors, professors and like-minded people focused solely on the local region.

A 10, 50 or 500 passenger ship all vehemently support the environment by being sensitive to the local culture, our land and sea. Larger ships often are caught and fined for polluting our seas.

Our slanted view of small versus large ships is based on experience. Denver Travel is passionate about truly experiencing the destination you've paid to travel.


As each cruise line and vessel has their own personality, please contact us so that we may help you choose the cruise experience of a life time.



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