Small Ship and River Cruises

Denver Travel offers mega ships but excels in the more intimate small ships, river cruises and barges. The differences between the large and the smaller cruise experiences are HUGE:

A small ship offers experiences of soft adventure and extreme personalized service along with areas seldom seen. A three-thousand passenger ship travels weekly to the same destination offering a packaged glimpse of destinations.

Small ships offer a one-on-one educational and cultural experience focusing solely on the regions they cruise. River cruises stop at towns often unreachable otherwise. Barges meander gently through canals of sleepy villages in small regions. River cruises include most beverages and touring. Barges are all-inclusive of beverages and private touring.

The mega ships are determined to recoup their costly promotions and bargain discounts through inferior, yet, costly shore excursions on buses with 50 of your favorite strangers. You can expect on-board sales techniques for spa treatments and art auctions, all of which have nothing to do with the destination.

As most small cruise lines do not advertise, you are likely unaware of the numerous cruising opportunities and destinations.

Small ships offer awe-inspiring and life-changing discoveries with shore excursions often included. You will cruise with a naturalist or authors and like-minded people motivated by the region you're cruising.

Our view of small versus large ships is based on experience. Denver Travel is passionate about truly experiencing the destination you've paid to travel.


As each cruise line and vessel has its own personality, please call us so that we may help you choose the best cruise experience for you!



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